Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend - Natura Bisse Diamond Facial

Take a step into a world of luxurious diamonds and treat your skin to the exceptional beauty cure and anti-aging facial. Welcome to Natura Bisse’s Diamond facial offered exclusively at OC Facial Care Center. Because of the extensive training only a few beauty boutiques and department stores offer Natura Bisses most exclusive facial and product lines and OC Facial Care Center is one of them. 

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A little about Nature Bisse - this Barcelona based company was created by Ricardo Fisas Mulleras in 1979. The product line carries the highest level of effective ingredients from an over the counter beauty care line. You can find Natura Bisse at the finest department stores like Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Nordstom and OC Facial Care Center. 

OC Facial Care Center offers a wide range of facials but the Nature Bisse Diamond Facial is the crown jewel. 

Here’s the skinny on the Diamond Facial - with using products only from the Diamond White Collection the facial begins with a deep cleanse Diamond Luxury Cleanse. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. The next stage of is a gentle peel to slough off dead skin cells from the top surface of your skin. A few seconds of tingles and nice hot towel is draped over your face. The next form of exfoliation came from a carbonated powder.

This promotes skins elasticity and improve the overall texture of your skin. Imagine carbonated bubbles sitting on the surface of your face. You could really feel the product in action! On top of that while the Natura Bisse’s products are working their magic, you are getting your hands, neck and body massaged. What more could you ask for! I sank into this relaxing state for what seemed like hours but in all the facial was 60 minutes. Finally, eye cream is gently massaged around the eye area and an a luxurious moisturizer is massaged over my face and neck.

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When Kate was done, she turned on the lights and ask me to come outside to look at the results. The results were astonishing. My skin has a sheen like I’ve never seen, it looked like my skin went on a month long vacation to paradise. I refused to put make up on the remainder of the day, I want to preserve my fresh glowing skin for as long as possible! I think the saying is true, diamonds are a girls best friend! Book your appointment today by calling OC Facial Care Center in Lake Forest at 949-750-5970.