Zo 3 Step Peel

Not just a ordinary peel, The Zo 3 step peel is the only multifunctional epidermal peel designed to provide-longer lasting treatment benefits. Utilizing a blend of exfoliants, a 6 % concentration of Retinol and multi action agents that stimulate collagen and restore moisture balance, it even skin texture or softer, smoother,tighter looking skin.

Infrared Sauna Protocol

Recommended Infrared Sauna Therapy Protocol

For all sauna protocols, water intake should increase prior to your session to help you sweat and not dehydrate too quickly and after your session to help remove toxins that are broken up, as well as to rehydrate tissue. It is also important to rinse off after sauna sessions to ensure that your body does not reabsorb the toxins that are on the surface of your skin.

Performance-care / cellular health protocol: The sauna should be used three times per week for four to six weeks.

This is the recovery and performance enhancing protocol to aid those patients who are attempting to increase their metabolism, strength, post-workout recovery, energy levels, and muscular endurance.

IR therapy has demonstrated the ability to excite the mitochondria of the cell, thus producing an increase in ATP (energy), which aids in increased metabolic function. As the body’s core temperature elevates, the heat elicits the release of growth hormone, which in turn increases muscle hypertrophy, lipolysis, and calcium retention.  Additionally, cellular oxygenation occurs cleansing the circulatory system.

Increases have also been seen in integrins, gap junction proteins, and other regenerating genes with exposure to IR therapy, suggesting that it accelerates tissue recovery. In studies, white blood cell production and collagen growth have been stimulated with near infrared. 

Blood-pressure protocol: The sauna should be used two to three times per week for four weeks.

When attempting to promote a healthier circulatory system, it is important to understand that the deep heat of IR therapy causes a hypothalamic-induced elevation in both heart rate and cardiac output. It is believed that this additional stress placed on the heart leads to conditioning of the myocardium, which eventually lowers blood pressure. Also, the release of nitric oxide promotes vasodilation of the circulatory system and enhances blood flow to the periphery.

Clinical research shows infrared sauna therapy to provide a reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Both are key factors in maintaining a healthy heart.

As part of a blood pressure therapy program, regular use of an infrared sauna is good for your heart! In the U.S. alone, one in three adults suffers from heart disease, stroke or some other form of cardiovascular disease in their lifetime. High blood pressure increases your risk of getting heart disease, kidney disease or serious stroke.

Our sauna has been clinically determined to provide one of the best, natural ways to lower blood pressure. In a 2005 clinical study by the University of Missouri Kansas City, blood pressure was lowered through a program of 30 minute infrared sauna session 3 times per week. The study concluded that infrared sauna therapy dilated blood vessels and reduced the volume of their inner lining, thus increasing circulation to promote healthy blood pressure.

Additionally, a Japanese study published in the October 2008 issue of The Journal of Cardiology examined the clinical effectiveness and safety of infrared blood pressure therapy, as compared to standard therapies for patients with chronic heart failure. The report concluded that far-infrared sauna therapy is both safe and effective at improving clinical symptoms and cardiac function as well as decreasing cardiac size in chronic heart failure patients. Repeated infrared sauna treatments improved impaired blood vessel functions in patients with high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. This suggests a preventive role for infrared sauna use for arteriosclerosis.

Weight-loss protocol: In this instance, the sauna should be used three times per week for eight to twelve weeks.

In the mood to lose weight? Our sauna promotes weight loss by detoxifying the body and burning calories while you relax in total comfort.

The secret is out on sauna weight loss.
Maintaining a healthy weight is important to your overall quality of life. That’s no secret. In fact, a 10-year study published by The New England Journal of Medicine discovered that the circumference of your waist alone is a critical factor for assessing the risk of premature death. In other words, by maintaining a healthy weight, you may be able to live a longer, healthier life.

That’s where we come in with our brand of weight training: sauna weight loss. Using infrared heat technology to burn calories, our sauna is clinically shown to aid weight loss. In a 2009 study, our infrared sauna was shown to help lower weight and waist circumference in just a three-month period. The common theme among subjects in the study was that far infrared sauna use was similar to moderate exercise but “much more relaxing”.  Therefore, infrared saunas can be an effective lifestyle adjuvant for those who cannot participate in traditional exercise programs due to medical conditions such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular or respiratory problems.

In addition, according to information published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, infrared sauna weight loss sessions were shown to burn up to 600 calories. During a sauna weight loss session, core temperatures increase. The body has to work hard to cool itself, causing a healthy sweat. Using an infrared sauna increases heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate, burning more calories, leading to more weight loss. And blood flow rises, increasing from 5-7 quarts up to 13 quarts a minute.

Plus, regular use of a sauna may provide many of the same benefits as regular exercise, such as cardiovascular conditioning. That’s right, using infrared weight loss therapy is like giving yourself a passive cardio workout – wherever and whenever you need it!

Proper dietary changes, exercise, and supplementation can lead to long term weight management.

Pain-and-inflammation protocol: For this, use the sauna two times per week for six weeks.

IR therapy provides a deep penetrating heat that helps reduce pain and promotes increased circulation to areas of discomfort. IR therapy may also reduce and prevent the formation of scar tissue and myofascial adhesions.

Full spectrum infrared sauna heat works by penetrating joints, muscles and tissues, increasing circulation and speeding oxygen flow. By reducing soreness on nerve endings, our infrared heat reduces muscle spasms and helps the body heal itself naturally.

For years, doctors have recommended infrared saunas because of proven relief from sports injury, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other chronic pain conditions.”

A recent Japanese study published in the journal, Internal Medicine, showed that chronic pain patients experienced a significant reduction in pain levels (nearly 70%) after the first session of infrared sauna therapy. Pain scores also decreased significantly and remained low throughout the observation period. Researchers concluded that infrared heat therapy is effective for chronic pain treatment.

Additionally, in a NASA study done by Dr. Whelan with near-infrared heat, it was determined that LED technology allows for deep penetration of tissue and increased cell growth from the inside. Our sauna offers LED-based near infrared heat at this proven level.

Finally, a 2003 study conducted by the Department of Dermatology and Institute of Medical Research showed that use of near-infrared heat therapy helped the production of white blood cells to alleviate inflammation and reduce swelling, two key factors in easing bodily pain. Our sauna is scientifically proven to deliver these types and levels of therapeutic near-infrared wavelengths.

Detoxification protocol:  Utilize the sauna two to three times per week.

Sauna detox helps you sweat the small stuff.
Did you know that sauna detox has been widely embraced as a healthy treatment in alternative medicine? In fact, as the world moves toward more natural and self-directed treatments, sauna detoxification is getting more and more attention.

Why? Well, the leading principle of sauna detoxification states that the build-up of toxic substances can lead to a host of common illnesses. Ridding the body of these toxins through a natural sauna detox may help relieve symptoms, prevent future illness and increase overall health and vitality.

The United States Center for Disease Control estimates that the root causes of more than 80% of all illnesses are found in personal environments or lifestyles. In other words, the world around you can make you sick. It’s in the air we breathe, and in the food we eat. There’s very little we can do to reduce exposure. We can, however, use sauna detox as a treatment. Sweat the small stuff in a full spectrum infrared sauna, and sweat yourself to better health and wellness.

Detoxification isn’t new. Just better.
Researchers have long told us how the body sweats out toxic substances, including heavy metals. As long as you maintain proper hydration, the more you safely sweat, the more toxins you’ll expel from your body. And what is one of the safest and most effective methods for inducing a detoxifying sweat? A sauna, of course. In sauna detox, your body sweats out numerous toxins through pores. But not all sweats are the same; and neither are all saunas.

In fact, our sauna is seven times more effective than a traditional sauna. Our detox sauna uses far infrared heat to generate sweats with a toxin ratio of nearly 20%. In traditional saunas, you might get a 3% ratio. We’re able to offer this incredible rate of detoxification because of highly-efficient and proprietary infrared heating technology – the only technology proven to raise core body temperature by two-to-three degrees. Rather than simply heating the ambient air to draw out toxins, our sauna detox will heat your core to expel them. As a result, regular usage of a sauna detox will provide a truly deep, productive sweat where toxins reside, at the cellular level.

Skin Rejuvenation Protocol: Utilize the sauna 3 times per week for 12 weeks

As part of a sauna skin therapy program, Full spectrum infrared saunas help restore skin to a youthful appearance.

Forgo expensive cosmetic treatments that may have limited effects or questionable long-term safety. Instead, rejuvenate your skin while also receiving all of the other health benefits associated with our full spectrum infrared sauna therapy.

A study published in The Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy showed significant improvements in skin appearance after just 12 weeks of sauna skin therapy using near-infrared technology. Participants experienced a reduction in wrinkles and crow’s feet, as well as improved overall skin tone, including softness, smoothness, elasticity, clarity and firmness. Additionally clients have experienced complexion getting better, a healthy glow and the fine lines on their faces lessened too. Skin is reported much suppler without having to add moisturizers.

Sauna skin therapy is essential to well-toned, healthy, great-looking skin.

ZO Daily Power Defense Product of the Month

Powerful antioxidant serum designed to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and to address future damage.

Help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Promote a more even-looking skin tone and finer pore appearance

  • Preserve and maintain a more youthful-looking complexion

Ultrasomes (UV-endonuclease) and roxisomes (glycosylase): Introduces enzymes to help speed up the skin’s natural repair process

  • Vitamin E: Provides antioxidant properties

  • Retinol (vitaine): Firms and helps even skin tone

  • Ceramide 6: Helps restore barrier function

  • Matrixyl 3000 (palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7): Firms and re-densifies

His Skincare - A Man’s Guide To A Simple Skincare Regime

OC Facial Care Center is all about offering the best medical grade skincare for women and men. We are proud to now carry His Skincare just for men. 

Skin care shouldn’t be (and doesn’t need to be) an extensive procedure that takes up half of your morning. It should be simple. With the right men’s skin care products, you’re ready to go.

If you are new to the skincare game, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Ready for the easiest skin care routine of your life? Buckle your seatbelts—get ready to learn something new.


First and foremost, we need to get your face sparkling clean. We want to remove the days sweat and hard work . And a gentle everyday cleanser will do the trick.

Wet your face with warm water first. This will open up your pores so the cleanser can do its job.

After your face is nice and wet, take a few pumps of your cleanser and rub it into your skin in a circular motion. Continue this for just a minute or two to really get your pores clean.

Rinse off the cleanser with some warm water and dab your face dry with a clean towel
TA DA! Your face is nice and clean.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 7.53.31 PM.png

Exfoliating your skin will help remove build-up of dead skin, dirt, and grease that settles in your pores and causes breakouts. In a typical exfoliant, there might be small beads or fine sugar that work to gently remove impurities from the surface of your skin without hurting or damaging it.

Exfoliating your skin should be done once a week, not every day. Choose a day in your schedule that you want to exfoliate and replace your cleansing routine with this.

Open up your pores with some warm water and apply a dime-sized amount to your skin. Gently rub your exfoliating scrub into your face in the circular motions.

Move the scrub around the full surface of your face until you feel the scrub start to disintegrate.

Rinse off the scrub with warm water and pat your face dry with a clean towel.

Step 3: Moisturize

Last, but certainly not least, it’s time to moisturize.

There are many different kinds of moisturizers out there and it’s important that you find one that best fits your skin type. If you’re unsure of your skin type, try something safe like a lite daily moisturizer. This type of cream won’t clog your pores or add any additional grease or sheen. It will easily soak into the skin and leave you with plump, refreshed skin all day long.

We highly recommend adding a moisturizer with SPF in it to your daily routine. We know what you’re thinking and the answer is, “no”—SPF isn’t just for the beach.

We are constantly faced with harsh UV rays and the only way to ensure you’re fully protected is with a layer of SPF. Try a moisturizer with SPF 20 or more for daily wear.

That’s it! Just these three simple steps will result in happy, healthy skin. Best part? It takes no more than five minutes of your morning.

Once you’ve got this down we can talk about adding an eye cream and anti-wrinkle cream to the mix. But to make it easy, start here, and when you are ready come by OC Facial Skincare to take your regime up a notch. 

The Low Down on Botox

There's no doubt Botox is a great way to turn back the hands of time. It's so effective, millions of people trust Botox to help them look younger and fresher. Here are five benefits of Botox that will help you understand its appeal.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 7.41.53 PM.png

1. Botox lifts the brow without surgery.

Botox is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead. The product works to weaken the muscles in your face that cause wrinkles to appear over time. When the muscles are weakened, they won't be able to move your skin into a "wrinkled" position. The result is a smoother, more youthful appearance that erases years from your complexion.

2. Botox is a preventative treatment.

While Botox is effective at reducing the appearance of forehead wrinkles, it's a great way to stop them from occurring in the first place. It's highly effective on dynamic wrinkles or those that only appear when you frown, squint or smile. Since it stops the muscle from moving, wrinkles won't form if you start using it before lines begin to appear. Botox is considered safe for anyone over the age of 18 to use.

3. Botox is completely safe.

Contrary to what many believe, Botox is safe to use in your body. When used correctly and in the right dosage, Botox will cause no serious side effects. To diminish wrinkles, a very small amount of the toxin is used to relax the facial muscles.

Side effects that may occur include temporary pain at the injection site, headaches and bruising. In less than one percent of cases, patients might experience drooping eyelids or brows, but they will return to their pre-Botox state within a few weeks or so. While it's safe for most people, women who are pregnant or nursing should consult a Doctor before getting a Botox treatment.

4. Botox is cost effective.

When compared to the price tag associated with cosmetic surgery, Botox is a great deal! While prices per unit vary from provider to provider, the price of Botox is extremely affordable for many people. Botox is priced by the unit, so the total cost of your treatment will depend on the number of units you need to get the right result. An experienced Doctor that frequently injects Botox can give you an estimate on how many units will be needed to get the results you are looking for.

5. Botox is reversible.

Botox is not permanent, and the treatment may need to be repeated 2 or more times per year. So if you don't like the way you look with Botox or you decide it's not right for you, you can easily stop having treatments.There's no long-term commitment (unless you want one!). However, many people who get Botox are so pleased with the results that they continue having treatments for years.

If Botox isn’t for you, come in to OC Facial Care Center to try an extensive variety of amazing products.

Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care

If you are pregnant, recently had a baby, or thinking about having a baby – this post is for you!

When it comes to pregnancy, you’re already making so many adjustments in your life to make yourself healthier and stronger for your baby. Your skin care for pregnancy routine is one of those adjustments, but it’s so confusing to know which ingredients are safe and which ones aren’t. Thats where OC Facial Care Center comes in.  We know from experience what ingredients are beneficial for your skin, which ones are a big NO, and the different products and brands to help make your pregnancy a little less stressful!

The Expecting Mother’s Beauty Checklist:

  • Make a list of your beauty and skin care products and review them with your OB-GYN and dermatologist.
  • Read ALL of the ingredients labels for all of your products. If you aren’t sure about a certain ingredient, ask your doctor, myself, or do some research!
  • If you’re doubtful about a product or ingredient, it is best not to use it. There are many alternative pregnancy safe skin care products that are 100% fine to use while pregnant. It’s not worth the risk!

Pampering Yourself Safely:

  • Getting a facial or microdermabrasion treatment can be safe during pregnancy, as long as the ingredients being used are safe. For example, a facial with Vitamin C is safe, nourishing, and relaxing!
  • Facials are 100% safe during pregnancy but you must inform your esthetician, ask what products they are going to use, and when in doubt, bring your own pregnancy-safe products and ask your esthetician to use those instead.

Keep Things Simple:

Doctors recommend keeping your pregnancy skin care routine simple. I know can be a struggle, especially if you are experiencing breakouts, oily skin, melasma, or more. Remember it’s temporary and there are a lot of natural choices to get your skin back in balance.

Red Flag to Avoid:

Retinoids: Anti-aging & Acne – commonly found in moisturizers to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, pimples, and improve the skin tone. Retinoids are a type of vitamin A that speeds up cell division and prevent collagen from breaking down. Creams that contain a high percentage have the potential to cause birth defects, so it’s best to avoid all together!

  • On the label they are commonly named:
    • Differin (adapelene)
    • Retin-A, Renova (tretinoin)
    • Retinoic acid
    • Retinol
    • Retinyl linoleate
    • Retinyl palmitate
    • Tazorac and avage (Tazarotene)
  • Salicylic acid: Acne – commonly found in cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. Its primary action is to penetrate and dry out facial oil, but it also does some mild exfoliation of the skin. Beta hydroxyl acid (BHA) is a form of salicylic. It’s best to avoid this ingredient because it can cause pregnancy complications.
    • On the label they are commonly named:
      • Salicylic acid
      • Beta hydroxy acid
      • BHA
  • Retinoids, salicylic acid, hydroquinone, betahydroxy acids, benzoyl peroxide, and kojic acid have been known to be harmful during pregnancy.
  • Product descriptions that say “anti-aging”, “skin lightening”, “wrinkle creams”, and “acne creams” often contain these ingredients and should be avoided.
Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.35.06 AM.png

While many ingredients have controversial results, it’s better to be safe and always consult with your doctors when you are unsure. But do not worry, there are many pregnancy safe skin care brands more now than ever!

Pregnancy-Safe Ingredients:

  • For acne-prone skin, use rosehip seed, lactic acid, or azelaic acid, and alpha hydroxy acids. Eminence Organics Cornflower Recovery Serum is wonderful for combatting acne during pregnancy.
  • For melasma and hyperpigmentation of the skin, use azelaic acid or topical vitamin C. Eminence Citrus and Kale Potent C +E Serum is great, and safe, for getting rid of these issues.
  • For fine lines and wrinkles, use hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. Eminence Organics Monoi Age Corrective Night Cream for Face & Neck is a great choice.

All of these amazing, safe products are available at OC Facial Care Center. Stop in today and we can get your skin care routine that is safe for you and that sweet babe.

How Often Do You REALLY Need A Facial?

Often times many estheticians will tell you to get a facial every 4 weeks. The reason for this is that it takes that amount of time for the skin cells to move through a full life cycle of cell growth and make their way from the dermis to the surface of the skin where they are naturally sloughed off. But if you get down to it, it really depends on your skin type.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 2.26.12 PM.png

But, is getting a facial really necessary every four weeks? Does it vary by skin type? Is it just a nicety or really a necessity? What does a facial actually do and why is one needed so often?

For starters, here are the main steps included in a basic facial.

  • Skin analysis followed by a cleansing
  • Exfoliation (A gentle acid or enzyme peel, ultrasonic exfoliation, microdermabrasion or bio brasion are the most common)
  • Steam
  • Massage of the face, neck and shoulders (Sometimes this is omitted for those with severe acne so there is less stimulation to the skin and the esthetician can spend more time on extractions.)
  • Manual extractions to clear out blackheads and clogged pores 
  • Mask

Of course, there are a lot more modalities that can be added to a basic facial to enhance the results. Micro current, LED light, ultrasound and high frequency are just a few examples.

So, on to the answer. While it’s true that the full life cycle of cell growth is about 30 days (give or take), this thought process was established way back in the day when exfoliating at home was rarely done, and if it was occurring, it was a gommage or facial scrub used only once every few weeks which simply didn’t give an adequate amount of cellular turnover. Today, exfoliation products are used almost daily, by way of sonic cleansing brushes, facial scrubs, retinol and exfoliating cleansers, peels, toners and serums with ingredients like lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids.

So if the sole purpose of a facial is for catching the cells at the end of their life cycle like what has always been told, you do not have to get a once-a-month facial from a professional if you’re using exfoliants regularly at home. (Now of course, if you’re barely doing any exfoliation at home, then that’s a different story.)

With that being said, facials offer many skin benefits, and some are in need of it more than others.

Benefits of a facial include:

  • Expert skin analysis from someone who truly understands your unique skin type and how to best care for it.
  • Professional strength exfoliation to smooth the skin, lighten discoloration from sun and breakouts.
  • Manual extraction of blackheads and clogged pores to create smoother and less-bumpy skin.
  • Intensive hydration to repair the skin’s moisture barrier to keep skin looking plump and moist.
  • Facial massage to increase circulation to encourage brighter, glowing skin.
  • A scope for skin cancer (An experienced esthetician can call out changing moles that you may be overlooking and encourage you to get regular skin cancer screenings.)
  • Help for maintaining youthful and healthy-looking skin. (If you want to have younger-looking skin, there are many additional treatments that can be added on to a facial to encourage this.)
  • Professional guidance for your home care routine. (This includes seasonal, environmental, hormonal and age-related changes occurring with the skin.)
  • Stress release.
  • Time for you and only you.

You really NEED a facial once a month (if not more), if your skin has…

  • Little clogged bumps or whiteheads (known as closed comedones) that are under the skin, are not painful and don’t go away no matter what you do at home. (No laser or exfoliating peel can take the place of professional extractions to remove the blockage in the pores. Once the pores are cleaned out, exfoliating products with salicylic acid will help to keep them clean so eventually less extractions are needed.)
  • Acne that needs to be dried up and post-breakout marks that need to be faded.
  • Brown spots and discoloration that you’re looking to lighten (Chemical peels are usually required to get this done.)

For those with acne, clogged pores and brown spots, this type of skin requires consistent care to get on top of the condition to get the skin looking clear. So in these instances, I consider facials a true necessity and often times will recommend clients to come in weekly for additional treatments above and beyond a facial.

At OC Facial Care Center our facials are more personalized and results-oriented than ever and if your goal is to care for your skin in the best way possible (even if no acne or brown spots are present), then be sure to make a facial treatment a regular part of your skin care maintenance. Simply put, putting your face in the hands of a skin care professional can do wonders, along with using a good home care routine for your unique skin type. Schedule an appointment today to get a facial customized to your skin type.

15 Life Changing Beauty Hacks

Let's be honest, some days you are just feeling lazy. Not wanting to wash your hair, do a complete face of makeup. It happens to the best of us. Here are 15 beauty hacks for those lazy days!

1. Have you ever fallen asleep with your make up on? Yeah, me too. Try keeping makeup remover next to your bed so you have zero excuses not to take off your makeup before you go to sleep. Sleeping with your makeup on can cause breakouts and infections. So on nights when you're exhausted and can't imagine standing at the sink for longer than 30 seconds, you'll be thankful to have this stuff stashed next to your bed.

2. Don’t have time to get a mani? Hide a manicure that's growing out by creating a glitter ombré effect starting at the base of your nails. The best way to distract from a chipped or overgrown manicure is, well, glitter. It's pretty and will last for what feels like for-ev-er.

3. If you're too impatient to wait for your moisturizer, toner, and self-tanner to dry, or for your makeup to set, then blast your skin with a blow-dryer on the cool setting. Certain products (toner, tanner) need to dry completely before you move on to your next step when getting ready, and a blow-dryer can really help speed up that process.

4. Lipstick has multiple purposes. On days when you don't want to mess with your whole makeup regimen, use lipstick to add a little color to your lips, cheeks, and eyes. Swipe your one-product wonder stick along your cheekbone, brow bone, and lips, then blend it out with your fingers for a subtle glow. There, now you look like a real human.

5. Make highlighting and contouring easy. To highlight your face, quickly make a "3" with a concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone. Draw the top line above your brow, middle line above your cheekbone, and bottom line right above your jawbone.

To contour your face, draw a backwards "3" (like the shape of an "E") in a concealer two shades darker than your skin tone. Start the top line on your temple, put the middle line right below your cheekbone, and draw the bottom line underneath your jawbone. Then buff out the two shades, blending the lines completely for a seamless finish.

6. If you love winged liner but don't have the hand-eye coordination to do it perfectly, no big deal: You can clean messy edges with a cotton swab coated with petroleum jelly. Making the perfect freehanded flick on the first try is hard. Erasing your mistakes is easy.

7. If you're out of liquid or gel eyeliner, borrow some mascara instead of going to the store. Use a small liner brush to grab the formula on your mascara brush.

8. Instantly make your eyes look more awake by lining the inner rim of your lower eyelid with a nude eye pencil. Not only will this trick brighten your eyes, but it'll also make you look wide-eyed, like any Disney princess ever created.

9. Take your eye makeup from a sleek daytime look to something sexier by smudging your liner with a cotton swab to diffuse it into a smoky eye look. No need to get out the whole makeup bag. You're welcome.

10. If you need a root touch-up but haven't gotten around to getting one, tease your hair at the roots and create a messy side part to help camouflage the overgrowth. A straight part down the middle will only highlight the fact that you look like Pepé Le Pew.

11. If you have dark hair that's dyed blonde but you don't have Kim Kardashian's glam squad, disguise your roots by using dry shampoo to cover up noticeable regrowth. Spray your roots with dry shampoo, let it sit for a few minutes, then finger-comb it through your hair to evenly distribute the product.

12. If the front pieces of your hair are greasy but the rest of your strands aren't, pull the back section of your hair out of the way and wash only the front section in the sink. Washing your hair every (or every other) day is a pain in the ass and actually makes your hair produce more oil in the long run. So only wash the sections that need it. Finally your laziness is justified.

13. If your hair's too dirty for words but there's absolutely no chance you're waking up early enough for a wash, apply baby powder liberally to your roots before bed. The power will soak up the excess oil that makes your hair look greasy. If you have dark hair, baby powder is too noticeable for you to apply it right before you leave the house. So, if you sprinkle it on your roots at night, the white residue will have time to fade and soak up the extra oil on your hair and scalp by morning.

14. If you've washed your hair but don't have the energy to blow it dry, loosely twist your hair into a low bun, secure with a clip, and go about your life. When it's dry, untwist the hair and separate the tendrils with your fingers for effortless waves.

15. If curling your hair takes too much time, tie your hair in a loose, low braid before bed for mermaid waves in the morning. If you have thin hair, don't tie the braid too tight. A loose braid will give you softer, less obvious waves.



10 Reasons to Get a Facial

At OC Facial Care Center we offer a variety of facials for all skin types. And let’e be honest, everyone can benefit some getting a facial in some way shape or form. What are the benefits of getting a professional facial from an esthetician? If you’re seeking healthier, clearer and more beautiful skin, a facial can make a dramatic difference, if even for an hour of relaxation! 

Here are ten reasons why.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.28.41 AM.png

1. Expert Skin Analysis

A benefit of getting your skin analyzed during a professional facial is that the esthetician will see you without makeup. This reveals your true skin type, allowing the esthetician to cater to your unique needs with professional treatments and product suggestions for your home care routine. In addition to his or her ability to identify and treat your needs, your esthetician also works with your skin for over an hour. This further ensures that he or she can properly analyze your skin type. This is exposure to which a beauty store consultant is likely not privy.

2. Professional Strength Exfoliation

Most facials include a form of exfoliation using ultrasound, bio brasion (a more effective form of microdermabrasion), enzymes, or acids. Some of these exfoliating ingredients can be found in your skin care products, but during a facial, you will receive them at a professional strength. Whichever exfoliation your facialist uses should be specifically catered towards your skin type. This will leave you with results that smooth the skin, increase cellular turnover, soften lines, and break up skin discoloration to promote more even-toned skin.

3. Clean Out Blackheads and Clogged Pores

With proper preparation and skin softening techniques, your esthetician will use a skilled method to gently extract clogged pores, blackheads, and impurities without causing harm to your skin. People usually have a difficult time eliminating blackheads at home because home care products typically only reduce clogged pores. It takes a professional esthetician to properly prepare and soften the skin before manual extractions can take place safely and most effectively. 

4. Intensive Hydration

Every skin type needs hydration. It does not matter if you have oily, acne-prone skin, or dry and flaky skin. Your skin cells are like fish and need water to survive. Thus, in order to maintain healthy skin, it is imperative to keep it topically hydrated. With oilier skin types, the face tends to produce more oil when moisture is lacking which is the opposite of your intention and need. Oily skin needs moisture, too, but the moisture it’s seeking is water, not oil. Hydrated skin is healthy skin and a facial will help to regulate your skin’s proper moisture level. 

5. Increase Circulation to Encourage a Glow

There is no doubt that the skin’s health is impaired when blood circulation slows. Aging leads to slowed circulation, which inevitably results in dull, tired looking skin. One important benefit of a facial is the massage. Along with warm steam, both processes help to increase blood flow bringing new nutrients to the skin. This encourages a youthful radiance and brings a glow to the skin’s surface. 

6. A Scope for Skin Cancer

Unfortunately, skin cancer is on the rise. Therefore, it’s increasingly important to regularly check your skin for mole changes and abnormal skin growths. Usually, these changes are subtle and develop at such a slow pace so over time you may not notice them at first. A benefit of working with a professional esthetician is that she will analyze your skin carefully. She should note any potential skin abnormalities that should be further reviewed by a medical doctor. An esthetician can be viewed as a new set of eyes that may notice skin imperfections that you may have been blinded to over time.

7. Stress Release

Aside from the various skin benefits facials offer, they are also extremely relaxing and immediately de-stress you both physically and psychologically. Imagine a room with dim lighting, soft music, and a warm, comfy bed. Then add on a face, neck, and shoulder massage. This is the ideal environment in which to completely relax and unwind. Studies show that stress can lead to unhealthy skin, so what’s a better way to eliminate stress and promote healthy skin than a facial? Take my advice—schedule some “me time” and treat yourself.

8. Problem Solve

Whether it’s dry skin, brown spots, redness, irritation, or inflamed acne, a good facial is always customized to focus on your specific skin issues. For example, if your skin is prone to brown spots and discoloration, your esthetician will use skin brightening or lightening treatments. If your skin is dry, she will use lipid increasing ingredients to repair your skin’s protective barrier to reduce dryness. The level of your facial’s intensity is contingent on the severity of your skin’s problems. By using the right combination of ingredients, estheticians can really create change in the skin to improve your skin’s appearance to achieve your greatest complexion.

9. Professional Advice

During a facial, you are with an esthetician for over an hour. This opens up an opportunity for the esthetician to give you her professional advice and skin tips and tricks. Perhaps the biggest benefit of getting a facial is receiving an expert lesson on how to care for your skin properly. After all, this is knowledge you can take home that will last well beyond the duration of your appointment. The lesson will include product recommendations for your skin type and how to care for your skin at home so you can best maintain the results of your facial.

10. Because You Deserve It!

Humans tend to spend an exceptional amount of time caring for the other people in their lives. While this can be rewarding, at times it’s just mentally exhausting. Take just a couple of hours to yourself to do something that you’re not required share with anyone else. A facial is just for you and will give you time to re-energize and clear your mind. Nourish your soul and pamper your skin in just a few blissful hours at the spa. To book an appointment with one of our amazing estheticians call today!

The Dreaded Adult Acne

There are some things we may miss about our teenage years—say, the ability to stay up till all hours and then sleep till noon. One thing that's not on our nostalgia lists? A sprinkling of pimples on our faces. But it turns out that many of us are noticing blemishes at the same time we're encountering wrinkles.

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Women's Health found that acne affects nearly half of all women ages 21 to 30, a quarter of women ages 31 to 40, and 12% of women ages 41 to 50. No matter how old we are, pimples usually form in the same time-honored way: Pores—which contain oil glands—become blocked, letting dirt, bacteria, and cells build up and form a plug.

Why it happens

For most women, hormonal changes, either around the monthly cycle or during a menopausal shift, are the culprit. But dietary imbalances and stress also cause flare-ups. "Acne in adults is like a whistle blow. Often it's a sign that something else not quite right is going on," says Michael Murray, ND, a naturopath and coauthor of The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.

Here, a range of solutions for sufferers

Eat fewer refined carbs.

Eating chocolate or a lot of junk food doesn't by itself seem to cause acne, but not having a balanced diet and eating too many refined carbs can cause problems. Scientists suspect that raised insulin levels from the carbs may trigger a release of hormones that inflame follicles and increase oil production.

And less dairy, too.

A 2006 Harvard study found that girls who drank two or more glasses of milk daily had about a 20% higher risk of acne than those who had less than a glass a week. Studies published last year and in 2008 suggested that fat-free milk in particular, which is higher in sugar than whole milk, might be a culprit. (Another hypothesis is that hormones in dairy products play a role.) If you regularly drink fat-free, consider switching to 1% milk or a nondairy alternative. Look for something that has fewer than 10 g of sugar per serving.

Try blue light therapy.

These powerful rays penetrate follicles to kill off acne-causing bacteria. For severe cases, photodynamic therapy adds a topical solution called Levulan to blue light therapy. Note that these treatments can cause temporary redness and may not be covered by insurance.

Pick up tea tree oil.

Less irritating than its chemical cousin benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil has a long history of fighting mild to moderate acne outbreaks. The oil, which comes from the leaves of a tree native to Australia, has antiseptic properties that help reduce acne-causing bacteria on the skin and quell inflammation in skin cells. You can find tea tree oil in a wide variety of soaps, skin washes, and topical solutions. Look for a minimum concentration of 5% of the oil (up to 15% for more severe acne).

Cut back on salt.

Some doctors suspect that sodium has consequences for skin, because the iodine frequently found in table salt and some seafood may worsen acne breakouts. Stick to low-sodium versions of packaged foods, try to keep your overall salt consumption below 1,500 mg a day

Manage your stress.

Researchers haven't established just why stomach-churning anxiety creates skin blemishes, but they point the finger at stress hormones such as cortisol for increasing inflammation levels in the body and stimulating oil glands. In any case, managing stress through exercise, meditation, or whatever method helps calm your nerves may also calm your skin.

Look for salicylic acid.

Among the most popular OTC remedies is salicylic acid, which is incorporated into gels, wipes, creams, and sprays. The acid reduces swelling and redness and unplugs pores. To keep skin from becoming too dry, look for formulas geared to adult women, not teens (aim for 2% salicylic acid to start). Some skin care lines offer salicylic acid products that address acne and wrinkles alike.

Oc Facial Care Center offers a variety geared towards acne. Here are a few of our favorite acne products!



3. Obagi CLENZIderm M.D.™ System Pore Therapy

Body Wraps

At OC Facial Care Center we’re all about taking care of the all different types of needs of our clients, including body wraps. Even experienced spa-goers don't understand body wraps.  Different body wraps serve different purposes, and it's important to understand the difference between detox, hydrating and slimming wraps so you get the experience you want. First, body wraps always start with some kind of exfoliation.  At the very least, there will be a dry body brushing.  However, a dry body brushing is not nearly so effective as a body scrub.

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 6.54.46 PM.png

Because you want the product they put on your skin to be able to penetrate the skin as deeply as possible, make sure the body wrap includes a body scrub first.   A body brushing just isn't enough.  There are three kinds of body wraps:

1. Detoxing and remineralizing body wraps. 

Detox wraps use a variety of products such as algae, seaweed, mud, clay or gel to help rid the body of toxins. When the product is applied to the body, it's called a body mask.  Then you are wrapped in plastic and covered with a blanket for about 20 minutes, which is the body wrap. 

These products work by stimulating your circulation, drawing out impurities, and giving your body minerals it might be missing.  Afterwards, the body mask is washed off and you may get an "application of lotion," which means it's not a massage, and can be performed by an esthetician.

Who should get a detox body wrap:  Save this for when you really are making changes in your diet and trying to reduce your toxic load.

These clays, muds and seaweeds may be natural, but they are effective.  Don't have a detox wrap and then go eat a T-bone and four martinis.  It will make you feel worse rather than better, and you've wasted your money.

2. Hydrating body wraps

 Hydrating body wraps use creams and gels to soften, soothe and hydrate the skin. Again, it's important to get a body scrub beforehand so the rich cream doesn't sit on the outermost dead skin cells.  

Generally with a hydrating wrap, the therapist just massages in the body cream.  You don't want to wash it off.

Who should get a hydrating body wrap:  You're out on the ski slopes.  It's the middle of winter.  You take off your jeans and watch the white flakes fly.  It's time to exfoliate and hydrate!  Aloe vera wraps (popular in the Caribbean) can also help your skin recover from too much time in the sun.  

3. Slimming wraps

Slimming wraps are a labor-intensive specialty that aren't found everywhere.   Suddenly Slimmer in Phoenix is one spa that specializes in them, hence the name.  For a slimming wrap, each limb is tightly wrapped in Ace bandages that have been soaked in a high-concentration mineral solution to detox and remineralize the body.  You look a little bit like the mummy once you're wrapped.  You can walk around, exercise (Suddenly Slimmer recommends this) or spend some time in an infra-red spa.   You are measured before and after so you can tell how many inches you lost.

Who should get a detox body wrap:  The effect is temporary, but it's good if you want to look fantastic for a wedding.  And if you get them once or twice a week, the effect is longer lasting! 

What Happens During A Body Wrap?

A body wrap should begin with exfoliation, and a salt scrub or body polish is much superior to dry brushing.  You lie down on whatever you will eventually be wrapped in – often plastic or mylar, but sometimes towels or sheets.

My personal preference is for a massage therapist to do the body wrap, because they naturally incorporate massage techniques as they apply the product.  But most spas give the stand-alone body treatments to esthetician, to keep them busy.  You might have to get a signature treatment to be able to get a massage therapist.  

Once the product is on, you’re wrapped to stay warm, usually for 20 minutes.

When the time is up, you’re unwrapped and the body mask has to come off. This is why they often take place in wet rooms, equipped with a shower, wet table. Then you dry off, and there’s usually an application of lotion to moisturize your skin.

Things To Watch Out For With a Body Wrap:

* Don’t expect a body wrap to be a massage. You can get both treatments – body wrap and massage -- or look for signature treatments that include scrub, body wrap and massage.

* If you have claustrophobia, this may not be the right treatment for you.

  • You might be left alone during the treatment. If that bothers you, ask before you book the service.

Book your appointment today at OC Facial Care Center today! Body wraps start at $150.

Now Trending: V Steaming

OC Facial Care Center is all about offering its clients the latest and greatest in health and beauty. And taking care of “down there” is no exception. Vagina Steaming or as some may call it, V Steaming is an age-old natural remedy said to cleanse the vagina and uterus, regulate menstruation, and ease period cramps and bloating. After receiving high praise on Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop, the practice has surged in popularity.

What is vaginal steaming?

Let’s face it — between menstruation, sexual intercourse, and childbirth, the vagina withstands a lot. When you add changing hormones and pelvic floor issues to the mix, sometimes the vaginal area is anything but comfortable.

But other than offering a soothing warmth down below, does it work? And is it even safe? Keep reading to find out.

How it's done:

Vaginal steaming directs herb-infused steam into your vagina. The process is pretty simple — you just sit or squat over a container of herbal-infused steam.

Herbs often used alone or in combination include:

    •    mugwort

    •    wormwood

    •    chamomile

    •    calendula

    •    basil

    •    oregano

You have a special seat (Paltrow called it a “throne”) with a hole for the steam to come through. 

Yet the effectiveness of vaginal steams isn't limited to just eliminating cramps. Yoni steaming has been known by women throughout history to:

        1. Significantly reduce discomfort, bloating and exhaustion associated with monthly cycles

        2. Decrease menstrual flow as well as reduce dark purple or brown blood at the onset or end of menses

        3. Regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles

        4. Increase fertility, especially when combined with Mayan abdominal massage

        5. Speed healing and tone the reproductive system after birth

        6. Treat uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness and uterine prolapse

        7.Assist with the healing of hemorrhoids

        8. Treat chronic vaginal/yeast infections, and maintain healthy odor

        9. Relieve symptoms of menopause


How does it work? The tissues of the vagina are exceptionally porous and absorbent, and the warmth of the steam works to soften and open them. When the herbs are placed in the hot water, their medicinal properties, including volatile oils, are released and carried to the surface of your skin, and to the inside of the vagina, where they are absorbed into the bloodstream and, ultimately, into to the uterus.

The medicinal herbal steam increases circulation, thins mucus, and cleanses the entire reproductive system, allowing it to shed unnecessary membranes and buildup. In doing so, we support the uterus to function at its best, thus reducing the amount of work it has to do, and therefore your discomfort.

Of course, there are always those who will have their doubts. Some will say it's impossible, while others will say it makes no sense. I say, ask the countless women who have seen the results first hand before you write it off as impossible. 

To these women, this ancient remedy isn't just smoke and mirrors. To them, it makes a real difference.

Vaginal steaming is an age-old remedy that has been tested and approved by generations before us, and its time has come in our modern culture. This ancient treatment for women has stood the test of time, and today it has the incredible potential to significantly improve every woman's experience of her beautiful body. Just as it always has.

OC Facial Care Center offers V Steaming $99 for an hour or $50 for 30 minutes.

OC Facial Care’s Holy Grail of Products

At OC Facial Care Center we have some MUST have products that we just cant live without. Whether you have dry skin, aging skin or acne, we have the right products for you. Here are just a few all available at OC Facial Care Center. 

1. iS Clinical Youth Serum

iS Clinical Youth Serum weightlessly absorbs tightening skin and pores to give you a smoother clearer appearance. Blended with peptides and vitamins A C and E this antioxidant-packed oil promotes cellular turnover to diminish the depth of lines and wrinkles while repelling free radicals and keeping signs of premature aging at bay. Wheat and soy proteins replenish moisture loss to comfort your complexion and improve the tone and texture of your skin.

2. Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Which skin type is it good for?

✔ Normal

✔ Oily

✔ Combination

✔ Sensitive

What it is:

A natural innovative toning mist that sets makeup provides an instant burst of radiance and tightens the appearance of pores featuring the same bestselling formula with a new improved pump to finely and evenly distribute the lightweight mist.

Solutions for:

- Dullness and uneven texture

- Pores

  • Dryness

3. OC Facial Care Center Ultra Hydrating Serum


Pure, nourishing serum quenches dehydrated skin to impart a supple, smooth complexion and instant correction.

This universal booster provides all day moisture retention and visibly reduces the signs of aging with a nourishing blend of antioxidants and humectants.  With each drop skin appears brighter, firmer and rejuvenated

Formulated with various molecular forms of hyaluronic acid (fractionated and high molecular weight) to ensure continuous and optimal hydration.

• Powerful humectants – Sodium PCA and Glycerin

• Palmitoyl tripeptide-28 to support healthy collagen production

• Essential Mineral Complex (Zinc PCA and Copper PCA) conditions skin, helps to reduce excess oil

• Nourishing blend of antioxidants help guard against free radical damage

Avoiding eye area, apply to clean face and neck once or twice daily or as directed by your doctor. May also be applied to other dry skin areas including hands, elbows and feet. For topical use only.

This universal booster may be added to your favorite cream or serum for enhanced hydration.

Hyaluronic acid, Sodium PCA, Glycerin, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-28, Camellia Sinensis (white tea) Extract, Ergothioneine, Glutathione, Zinc PCA, Copper PCA

Available in a 1 fl. oz. dropper bottle

Gluten, Oil, Fragrance and Paraben-free

Free or artificial dyes

Non-comedegenic (will not clog pores)


4. Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Cream

Obagi's ELASTIderm Eye Treatment Cream is a firming formula that strengthens skin by encouraging the production of collagen and elastin. The advanced blend of ingredients makes use of the body's natural skin renewal processes to achieve results in less time than traditional eye creams. Ideal for mature or damaged skin, this anti-aging eye cream helps restore a youthful glow and healthy appearance to the entire eye area. 

OMP's Nu-Derm System. Designed to restore and maintain skin health.

Ideal for these Concerns: Aging Skin, Crow's Feet, Crepey Skin, Free Radical Damage

Ideal for these Skin Types: Oily Skin, Dry Skin, Combination Skin, Normal Skin, Sensitive Skin, Acne-Prone Skin, Mature Skin

Aging Skin: Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Ingredient: Vitamin E, Titanium Dioxide, Dimethicone, Antioxidants


Spring Clean Your Skin Care Regimen

Happy first day of spring!! Tis the season for spring cleaning. It’s a season where we toss out the old to make room for the new. We shake off the symbolic layers of winter and get ready to bloom.

You don’t have to stop with dusting and purging your house to reap the full benefits of spring cleaning. Your skin care regimen needs a boost, too. Here’s how to transition from winter to spring with fresh, fabulous skin.


Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to purge old cosmetics and skin care products. These products do have a shelf life. Old, outdated products can harbor bacteria and lose their effectiveness. Think old mascara, foundation and sunscreen.

Check the dates on your products. You may want to toss the following:

    ◦    Anything past the expiration date

    ◦    Products that appear dry or crusty

    ◦    Anything that has changed consistency, color, or smell

    ◦    Anything with an SPF older than one year (SPF loses its effectiveness over time and it’s just not worth the risk.)

    ◦    Mascara older than three months. (Always toss it after three months, regardless of how much there is remaining.)

    ◦    Old, dirty make-up brushes and sponges


The cold, dry days of winter may be over, but your dry, flaky skin remains. Spring is a good time for deep exfoliation and cleansing. During winter, much of our skin is “out of sight, out of mind.” Long pants, long sleeves, and warm socks may have prevented you from seeing the rough, dry skin building up on your feet, knees, and elbows. Slough off that old layer of dry skin and make room for spring.

It’s a great time for a facial! Stop in to get our most popular facial, the Super Facial! It will prep your skin for spring in less than an hour.



Adjust your skin care routine to reflect the seasonal changes that come with spring. A few changes necessitated by spring:

    ◦    Switch to a lighter moisturizer. Higher temperatures result in oilier skin for everyone, not just those with a tendency to oily skin. It’s important to use a lighter moisturizer during spring. If you prefer not to switch to a new moisturizer, you can try mixing some rosewater into your thick, winter moisturizer.

    ◦    Exfoliate more often. Depending on the climate and your skin type, you may need to exfoliate more often in the spring and summer.

    ◦    Lighten up. For spring and summer, use a lighter foundation and lighter, brighter make-up colors. The dull, drab days of winter are behind you—freshen up!

    ◦    Sunscreen. Sunscreen is important all year, but imperative in the spring and summer when more of your skin is exposed for longer periods of time. Stay vigilant with sunscreen.

Here’s to spring skin that is as fresh and bright as the blooming flowers.

If you’re not sure what products are best for your skin type, stop in OC Facial Care Center and talk to one of our amazing estheticians who will customize a skincare regime specially designed for you.

4 Myths About Wrinkles Debunked

Here are some common myths about wrinkles debunked!

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 7.25.58 PM.png


1. If Your Parents Have Wrinkles, You Will Too -  While you may have inherited your mother’s nose, you won’t necessarily develop the same wrinkles she has. That’s because 90 percent of the way you age is determined by environmental factors, and only 10 percent is controlled by genetics. Thus, lifestyle habits like wearing sunscreen, eating a healthy diet, not smoking, and using the right skin care products all have a much greater effect on the aging process of your skin than your DNA.

2. You Only Need Sunscreen on Sunny Days - Even though we know that wearing sunscreen is one of the best ways we can keep our skin protected from sun damage and premature wrinkles, many people still only apply it when they go to the beach or on particularly sunny days. The truth is that the sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate clouds and even glass, so you should always wear sunscreen, no matter the weather. Sunscreen isn’t just for the summer months, either. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, bright white snow reflects up to 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays, which can make winter sunshine just as detrimental to your skin as the warm summer sun.

3. Facial Exercises Prevent Wrinkles - Facial exercises have become a popular topic in anti-aging strategies. The idea behind them is that by strengthening your facial muscles through exercise, you can “tone” your facial contour and reduce sagging skin. In reality, the exact opposite may be true. Lines and wrinkles gradually form in areas of your face that are frequently involved in making certain expressions and movements. This is why smile lines, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles eventually form. So when you’re performing face exercises regularly by moving certain areas of your face, you could be contributing to lines and wrinkles rather than preventing them.

4. Injectables Are the Only Way to Get Rid of Wrinkles - Injectable wrinkle treatments have become popular cosmetic procedures to temporarily smooth away lines and wrinkles. While these treatments can yield great results, their effects will gradually wear off over the next several weeks and months following your appointment. Because of this, you will need to schedule regular injectable treatments in order to maintain the same smooth, youthful look. For many people, this is not only a time-consuming process, but it’s also an expensive one. However, contrary to popular belief, you can get amazing anti-aging results without having to get regular injections. The key is to know which skin care ingredients to look for to help improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging, no injections needed.

While it might seem that wrinkles are impossible to get rid of, the truth is that you have much more control over the way your skin ages than you might think. By adopting a few healthy lifestyle habits and making amino acid skin care products a part of your daily routine, you can have a profound effect on the smoothness, brightness, and evenness of your complexion.


Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream

Caudalie Premier Cru is a high-end anti-wrinkle formula made of plant oils, water, slip agent, and thickeners. This wonder product rejuvenates the skin, get rids of wrinkles and fine lines.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 7.18.14 PM.png

This luxurious and effective cream delivers the ultimate anti-ageing action for the skin, revealing a beautifully youthful complexion. The creamy texture melts into the skin to leave it feeling velvety soft, smoothed and hydrated. The powerful formula regenerates the skin, restores its density and smoothes wrinkles to reveal a firmer, more radiant complexion and redefined facial contours. 

Wha you need to know about  Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream?

Caudalie’s Premier Cru features 3 main patents: Viniferine from the grapevines Chateau Smith, titrated Resveratrol, and polyphenols from grape-seed. When mixed together these 3 wonder substances have an unparalleled age-defying power. The formula claims to be so exclusive that it will leave the skin velvet-soft. Furthermore, the cream re-densifies the skin, makes it firmer and more lifting.

To come up with the pioneering formula, Caudalie states that they performed over 300 trials spread over a period of 7 years. Most of the results were overwhelmingly positive. A test conducted on 42 women throughout a period of 56 days had the following results: 97% of the candidates reported filled wrinkles, and 98% said their complexion look more even.


    •    OPCs (Grape Seed Polyphenols) – Have the power to protect the complexion from pre-mature aging triggered by environmental aggressors, UV rays, and pollution by creating a shield that protects against damaging free radicals; the ingredient claims to reinforce the capillaries, help maintain a favourable level of Hyaluronic acid into the skin, and boost* coetaneous micro-circulation.

    •    Resveratrol-Oleyl – Stimulates the longevity of proteins that boosts* the lifespan of most skin cells by 160%. The ingredient activates cellular renewal, de-densifies the dermis thus smoothing wrinkles and increasing* firmness.

    •    Viniferine – Controls the melanin production and protects melanocytes from damaging free radicals. The ingredient restores radiance thus stimulating the coetaneous micro-circulation of the skin.

Vinolevure – the ingredient is an excellent moisturiser that protects the skin and reinforces the immune system

How Does Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream Work?

The series of active ingredients contained in the Premier Cru Cream claim to correct visible signs of aging in one sole step. After using the cream on a daily basis, you’ll see it’s transforming your face. Dark spots are slowly diminished*, the texture of the skin is redefined, and the complexion becomes increasingly more radiant. The texture of the cream blends smoothly into the skin, and the end result is a luminous, softer skin. The 3 power ingredients that claim to work miracles for your fine lines are Viniferine, grape-seed polyphenols, and Resveratrol.

What to Expect from Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream?

The Premier Cru from Caudalie is a luxurious anti-aging cream that hydrates and smoothes the skin. They claim the product eradicates dark circles and skin puffiness, at the same time brightening the skin and making it more radiant than ever. 

Benefits of Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream

    •    Soothes and hydrates the skin

    •    Light texture, blends fast into the skin

    •    Contains revolutionary ingredients

    •    The cream is not oily or greasy

    •    Claims to work for all skin types

    •    Claims your wrinkles will vanish in 2-3 weeks

    •    Doesn’t contain phthalates, parabens, or sulphates

Available at www.ShopOCFacialCareCenter.com.

Caudalie Premier Cru is a high-end anti-wrinkle formula made of plant oils, water, slip agent, and thickeners. This wonder product rejuvenates the skin, get rids of wrinkles and fine lines.

This luxurious and effective cream delivers the ultimate anti-ageing action for the skin, revealing a beautifully youthful complexion. The creamy texture melts into the skin to leave it feeling velvety soft, smoothed and hydrated. The powerful formula regenerates the skin, restores its density and smoothes wrinkles to reveal a firmer, more radiant complexion and redefined facial contours. 

Wha you need to know about  Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream?

Caudalie’s Premier Cru features 3 main patents: Viniferine from the grapevines Chateau Smith, titrated Resveratrol, and polyphenols from grape-seed. When mixed together these 3 wonder substances have an unparalleled age-defying power. The formula claims to be so exclusive that it will leave the skin velvet-soft. Furthermore, the cream re-densifies the skin, makes it firmer and more lifting.

To come up with the pioneering formula, Caudalie states that they performed over 300 trials spread over a period of 7 years. Most of the results were overwhelmingly positive. A test conducted on 42 women throughout a period of 56 days had the following results: 97% of the candidates reported filled wrinkles, and 98% said their complexion look more even.


    •    OPCs (Grape Seed Polyphenols) – Have the power to protect the complexion from pre-mature aging triggered by environmental aggressors, UV rays, and pollution by creating a shield that protects against damaging free radicals; the ingredient claims to reinforce the capillaries, help maintain a favourable level of Hyaluronic acid into the skin, and boost* coetaneous micro-circulation.

    •    Resveratrol-Oleyl – Stimulates the longevity of proteins that boosts* the lifespan of most skin cells by 160%. The ingredient activates cellular renewal, de-densifies the dermis thus smoothing wrinkles and increasing* firmness.

    •    Viniferine – Controls the melanin production and protects melanocytes from damaging free radicals. The ingredient restores radiance thus stimulating the coetaneous micro-circulation of the skin.

Vinolevure – the ingredient is an excellent moisturiser that protects the skin and reinforces the immune system

How Does Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream Work?

The series of active ingredients contained in the Premier Cru Cream claim to correct visible signs of aging in one sole step. After using the cream on a daily basis, you’ll see it’s transforming your face. Dark spots are slowly diminished*, the texture of the skin is redefined, and the complexion becomes increasingly more radiant. The texture of the cream blends smoothly into the skin, and the end result is a luminous, softer skin. The 3 power ingredients that claim to work miracles for your fine lines are Viniferine, grape-seed polyphenols, and Resveratrol.

What to Expect from Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream?

The Premier Cru from Caudalie is a luxurious anti-aging cream that hydrates and smoothes the skin. They claim the product eradicates dark circles and skin puffiness, at the same time brightening the skin and making it more radiant than ever. 

Benefits of Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream

    •    Soothes and hydrates the skin

    •    Light texture, blends fast into the skin

    •    Contains revolutionary ingredients

    •    The cream is not oily or greasy

    •    Claims to work for all skin types

    •    Claims your wrinkles will vanish in 2-3 weeks

    •    Doesn’t contain phthalates, parabens, or sulphates

Available at www.ShopOCFacialCareCenter.com.

New Spring Care Regime

Our motto? New season, new skin-care regimen. And since spring skin is probably on your mind, given that the official start to the season is just around the corner, there's no better time than the present to start prepping your complexion for the impending rising temps and sticky, heavy humidity that lies ahead. Here are the five top tips from dermatologists to help stave off vernal skin-related freak-outs.

1. Start scrubbing.

Snow, sludge, and rain can cause season-long buildup on the skin—of dead skin cells, leftover product, and environmental toxins—which is why dermatologists recommend exfoliating in the new season. To keep skin smooth and hydrated, using a mask up to three times a week. 

2. Lighten your load.

Gone are the days of duck boots, fur-lined hoods, and loading up your visage with thick creams and serums to help fight off the wicked winter wind. Come spring, it's time to swap out your heavy formulas for lighter lotions. While ingredients like petrolatum help protect the skin, certain products can weigh you down especially in humid weather.

3. Apply (and re-apply) sunscreen.

After a months spent bundled up in beanies and parkas, slathering on sun protection is a must once temps start to rise. Springtime is actually a high risk time for sunburns and sun damage. Although the weather is warmer, it's still so mild you might not feel how strong the sun is. Apply sunscreen every morning and reapply it again before any outdoor activity during the day. Our SPF recommendation? EltaMD Skincare UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46

It's clear zinc oxide sunscreen that also contains niacinamide to help give the skin a glow. (As a reminder, niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that strengthens the skin's outer layers, improves elasticity, and curbs redness and irritation.)

4. Add an eye cream.

Because the sun's more prominent in the spring, people are more prone to squinting. To combat the fine lines and wrinkles that can form around the eyes, find an eye cream with a high concentration of antioxidants and peptides. 

Of course, a pair of big sunglasses is never a bad idea, either.

5. Go shopping.

Since you'll be spending more time in the sun, look for makeup that offers even coverage and protection. Hit up the local OC Facial Care Center in Lake Forest or online and shop tip you drop!

Your skin is worth investing in, come see one of our many skin care specialists who can recommend the best regime just for you!


Somme Institute Skin Care

OC Facial Care Center take pride in the product lines we make available to our customers. Somme Institute spent over 10 years testing, developing and "tracking" more than 5,000 participants, Somme Institute discovered and developed a Patented technology called Molecular Dispersion Technology 5 (MDT5™).

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 1.55.36 PM.png

Here is a break down of the best 5 Somme Institute products available at OC Facial Care Center. 

Step 1: Nourishing Cleanser 

Step 2: Transport

Step 3: Serum

Step 4: A-Bomb

Step 5: Double Defense SPF 30

Step 1: Nourishing Cleanser 8oz ($40)

What is it? A non-foaming, non-comedogenic, non-drying gel cleanser containing Molecular Dispersion Technology 5 (MDT5™), a patented technology of highly engineered vitamins A B3 B5 C & E designed to deep clean the skin while leaving it feeling soft and refreshed.

Who is it for? All skin types & most skin conditions.


A non-foaming gel to cleanse and treat the skin without drying.

Step 2: Transport 50 pads ($58)

What is it? Saturated soft cotton pads with Molecular Dispersion Technology 5 (MDT5™), and AHA to gently exfoliate dead cells on the skin's surface.


Saturated cotton pads:

- Gently exfoliates with AHA and treats with MDT5™

- Promotes resiliency, hydration and cell renewal

Positive Side Effects:

Some dryness, excess oilyness or blemsihes might occur. It is a good sign. DO NOT STOP treatment. The skin detoxifies and purges itself by unclogging the pores. A slight tingling sensation is normal. For sensitive skin, squeeze excess liquid from the Transport pad for the first few days to see how skin reacts.

Step 3: Serum 1 oz ($82)

What is it? The advanced technology in Somme Institute®'s Serum combines Vitamin C along with a high concentration of Molecular Dispersion Technology 5 (MDT5™). Serum helps reduce the visible signs of premature aging, smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and evens skin tone.



A highly concentrated and stabilized Vitamin C gel:

- Improves skin elasticity

- Evens skin tone

- Softens skin and builds collagen

- Eliminates redness associated with acne

Step 4: A-Bomb 1.5 oz ($70)

What is it? A-Bomb is a lightweight cream containing Molecular Dispersion Technology 5 (MDT5™) and a high concentration of Vitamins A & E. A-Bomb helps soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while targeting poor skin texture and dry skin. It calms and soothes the skin while promoting its vitality and firmness.


A light-weight moisturizing cream:

- High concentration of advanced forms of Vitamins A & E

- Quickly and easily absorbed

- Speeds cell renewal to reveal flawless skin

- Visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles

- Helps to treat and prevent acne

Step 5: Double Defense SPF 30 3.8 fl oz ($48)

What is it? Double Defense with SPF 30+ and Parsol 1789 is a light-weight moisturizing lotion. Double Defense protects the skin from premature aging while locking in vital moisture.


Moisturizing sun protection:

- Protects from the sun with SPF 30+

- Perfect for the whole body

The packaging is very basic with a simple design, and each product is marked with a large colored dot on the front of the bottle/jar. With the exception of A-Bomb (which has a sweet, maple syrup type smell), these products have little to no smell, which is nice if you are sensitive to fragrances in products.

All of these products are available at www.ShopOCFacialCareCenter.com.

The hairy truth about waxing vs sugaring

It may not be getting warm outside yet, but listen ladies, it’s time to get your business in order. When you’re taken care of, you feel prettier and sexier… When you feel sexier, you feel better about yourself… This leads to a happier relationship with your partner and/or yourself! So start shaving those legs, and get in there for some grooming. OC Facial Care Center offers sugaring hair removal services. We prefer sugaring over waxing for many reasons. Here is a breakdown of why sugaring is better than waxing. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 4.00.57 PM.png

Waxing vs. Sugaring:


Ingredients - There are a lot of different waxes out there, with ingredients that include resins and chemical ingredients like dyes, fragrances, and preservatives. Depending on the quality of the wax, there may also be some harmful additives like BHT and parabens, bad guys you definitely don’t want anywhere near your special lady parts.


There are a few different types of wax. Hard wax goes on hot and hardens, it can then be pulled off without the use of cloth strips. The extreme heat and hardness of the wax can be especially painful for sensitive skin. Soft wax also goes on hot, and then is removed with a cotton or muslin cloth. It can be slightly less painful, and is often not quite as scorching hot. There is also soft wax that goes on with a roller, which typically has more harmful ingredients and is less effective. Lastly, there are cold wax strips. They typically come pre-applied and do not need to be heated. They often have more chemical ingredients and are not as effective as hot wax.

Waxing Pros

    ▪    Really effective at removing hair

    ▪    Different types to choose from to suit different kinds of hair (from course to fine)

Waxing Cons

    ▪    Can burn skin

    ▪    Lower quality and chemical ingredients

    ▪    Bacteria can grow in wax and cause infection

    ▪    Can remove a layer of skin, in addition to hair


Ingredients - Sugaring is made from natural ingredients — sugar, lemon juice, and water. Sometimes essential oils or glycerin are added.

Method - Sugaring is performed in the same way as wax. Typically, the sugaring mixture isn’t quite as hot as hot wax, which can be less painful.

Sugaring Pros -

    ▪    Natural, skin-healthy ingredients

    ▪    Effective at removing hair

    ▪    Bacteria is not as apt to live in sugaring mixture

    ▪    Less hot, so won’t burn skin

    ▪    Won’t remove skin

Sugaring Cons -

    ▪    Often times slightly more expensive

Clearly, sugaring wins out with way more pros than waxing. Call in today to make an appointment with one of our amazing estheticians! 



Revision Skincare is now available at OC Facial Skin Care Center

For over 25 years, Revision Skincare has provided physicians with clinically proven, high-performing skincare products. Using only the purest, most efficacious ingredients, the Revision Skincare collection was formulated to provide targeted solutions for enhancing skin’s appearance and reducing signs of aging.

Revision Skincare products represent the furthest advancements in scientific skincare. Our formulations are rooted in rigorous research and testing, and manufactured by us using the highest ethical standards. Revision Skincare products are never tested on animals.

While Revision Skincare is first and foremost about serious skincare, we are inspired every day by the positive effects our products have on people's lives.

Here are OC Facial Care Center’s top 2 favorite products. Both available online or instore.

1. Nectifirm 

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.19.28 PM.png

Nectifirm is the #1 age-defying neck product recommended by medical professionals. This award-wining neck cream contains plant extracts, antioxidants and unique biotechnological blends that work cohesively to create a smoother, younger-looking neck. Nectifirm has been formulated to address the changes that occur as the skin on your neck ages. It contains powerful ingredients designed to rejuvenate your neck area by treating it differently than your face. Backed by years of scientific research, Nectifirm was specifically created to provide dramatic visual results in the overall appearance of the neck. You will see and feel immediate and long-term results with Nectifirm. Helps the skin appear more firm and lifted; Reduces the appearance of rough, crepey skin; Lessens the look of fine lines and wrinkles. All skin types benefit. According to a study by Kline & Company. 

How to use: How to use: Using upward strokes, gently apply a dime-sized amount onto décolletage, working your way up the neck to the jawline. Use twice daily, morning and evening. Follow with Multi-Protection Broad-Spectrum SPF 50, or Intellishade.

2. Intellishade

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.19.47 PM.png

Have you ever needed a tinted moisturizer that protects, moisturizers and gives your skin the perfect glow? Look no further.

Intellishade  is a best-selling tinted moisturizer that provides broad spectrum protection, outsmarts the signs of aging and gives skin a touch of sheer, healthy color. Formulated with a blend of three peptides and broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection Intellishade protects and prevents further sun damage.

Intellishade Original or Matte Highlights:

    •    Formulated with advanced peptide and broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection

    •    Moisturizes and blends naturally with the color of your skin

    •    Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

    •    Matte Formula contains the latest pore-minimizing technology

    •    Fights photodamage which causes premature aging

Ingredient Highlights:

    •    Octinoxate & Octisalate. Provides UVB protection.

    •    Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide. Physical sunscreens that provide UVA and UVB protection.

    •    Lecithin (Matte formula). Reduces the appearance of pore size.

    •    Blend of three peptides. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    •    Vitamin C (THD Ascorbate). Brightens and provides antioxidant benefits.

    •    Blend of White Birch Extract, Yeast Extract, Plankton Extract and Coenzyme Q10. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What is the difference between the Original and Matte finish?

Intellishade® Original has a more moisturizing feel.

The Matte formula provides a lightweight matte finish and contains ingredients that have been shown to reduce the appearance of pore size and absorb excess oil. You could mix them or use Intellishade® Original in drier, colder months, and Intellishade® Matte in warmer, humid months.

How is Intellishade® different from other daily anti-aging moisturizers on the market? Intellishade® comes in one shade that matches every skin tone. Key ingredients protect the skin from further damage. It conceals with a sheer mineral tint and UVA and UVB protection.

Available in Original and Matte formula