Our Story

Kate Hancock, the founder of OC Facial Care Center, grew up suffering from Eczema.She understands the emotional impact this condition can have on one's self esteem along with the potential scarring, and unsightly pigmentation.As a results, she is constantly seeking the right products for her skin, curious to find the perfect solution .Her curiosity became her passion.

She began her career as an Estee Lauder skincare Specialist and part of a regional team.As a Specialist,she guided and instructed clients on what make-up and skincare products looked best and worked best on their skin.Later,she found her stride in complete skin care, when she became Regional Manager for SebamedUSA. As Regional Manager, she was responsible for training over 100 employees nationwide.She attended the American Academy of Dermatology representing the SebamedUSA in San Diego,Boston and Miami where she taught Dermatologists from all over the world the benefits of ph 5.5. on your skin.At the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS)meeting  in Boston in 2012,she educated cosmetic buyers from several big chain retailers in Health and Beauty.Her success in sales and marketing Sebamed skin care products gave her incentive to open her own skin care boutique:the OC Facial Care Center.