Joe Malone Now at OC Facial Care Center

Founded in 1994, Jo Malone has created some of the most celebrated perfumes in the fragrance industry and its timeless and elegant scents evoke British charm and humor. Many of the fragrances are inspired by Britain, such as Wood Sage & Sea Salt, which captures the scent of the seaside, and English Pear & Freesia, which conveys the essence of autumn.

Synonymous with British style, Jo Malone is an essential part of any discerning fragrance lover’s collection and a bottle of the brand’s perfume would make the perfect souvenir from London. Take a look at the bestselling Jo Malone scents here.

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With Joe Malones colognes you can layer them. They are all complementary with one another and can be mixed and matched to create someone unique and one of a kind. 

Rather than committing to a single scent you can creatively create a scent mirrored to your mood or emotions that day! At OC Facial Care center we have a brand new shipment of some of the most popular Joe Malone fragrances. Stop by today! Each 3.4 oz cologne is $130.