Solving the Phases of Aging

Here at OC Facial Care Center we carry the best products on the market.

Dr. Zein Obagi is our favorite line to work with and our clients have been seeing tremendous results

Zo Skinhealth curated three programs to maintain and defeat aging in every phase of life.

Phase 1: The Daily Skincare Program

This simple skincare program uses effective levels of high-performance ingredients to aid in the fight against natural aging process.

Condition: Youthful Skin

For someone with little or no apparent signs of chronological or photo -aging.

What it does: Provides the essential tools to help achieve healthier skin using retinol ,specialized enzymes and antioxidants to promote cellular function and restore and maintain youthful,healthy looking skin.

Phase 2 The Anti-Aging Program

Moderately aggressive program made with innovative anti-aging ingredients and technologies helps reduce the appearance of early or significant signs of aging.

Conditions: Mature Skin

For anyone with early signs of intrinsic aging-fine lines,uneven skin tone and loss of firmness.

What it does: Uses higher concentrations of active ingredients including growth factors, retinol , and enzymes to prevent and help repair moderate skin damage at the cellular level.

Phase 3: The aggressive Anti-Aging Program

Our last program features a list of effective enzymes,functional hydra-tors, antioxidants, and a high concentration of retinol proven to mitigate environment and chronological aging.

Conditions: Mature Skin

For anyone with the definite signs of aging skin-wrinkles ,brown patches,loose skin, large pores, and obvious sun damage.

What it does: Radically improves the appearance of wrinkles , uneven texture, hyperpigmentation and skin laxity

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