Back Facials in Orange County

Are you someone who’s looking for back facials in Orange County? Or, are you someone who only relates facials to face?

Well, a back facial is a kind of spa treatment that’s specifically matched to the return of sweltering heat of summers—a season for backless dresses and bathing suits. The reality that you can’t reach your own backs doesn’t suggest you should overlook this essential body part and not look after it. Perhaps, you should treat your backs with special care. However, since you can’t do it own your own, a visit to the spa is the best bet for you.

That being said, let’s see what all is done in a back facial:


It is done for removing all the impurities lying at the surface of your skin. If you’ve got oily or congested skin, then aesthetician will use a battery-operated cleansing brush & foaming gel cleanser for maximum effect.


Exfoliation not only removes dead skin cells but also enhances skin texture and promotes microcirculation.

Deep Clean

While a deep-pore cleaner liquefies sebum, it also unclogs your pores as well. Perhaps, you should practice cleansing—scrubbing—deep pores cleaning steps below steam.

Besides, you should recommend clients to go for steam room package if your store supports one!


Needless to say, the aforementioned steps ease the extraction process. While they are an important step when it comes to back facials, it is something clients cannot do themselves.

Treatment Serum/Ampoule

This far-reaching concoction of active components should also be given as per the demands of customers. While this treatment can be soothing, hydrating, and purifying, it also works as a great anti-aging or skin brightening treatment.


Please note that back is a body part that undergoes a lot of stress and tension. So, you should always go for a neck, shoulder, and back massage while having a back facial.

Treatment Mask

Mask is also customized according to the needs of customers. Usually, a clay-based back mask will be utilized for oily & acne prone complexion & a cream or gel-based back mask so as to deeply hydrate sun exposed skin.


To finish off, apply a skin protection cream according to the customer’s skin type to restore its moisture and hydration. Apply sunscreen if required.

Major Advantages Of A Back Facial

An acne/oily skin back facial removes clogged pores with additional attention to extractions. While it purifies your skin texture, it makes it cleaner & smoother.

A back facial can also be beneficial for sun-exposed, mature, and hyperpigmented skin tones. People with such skin types can utilize glycolic peels, Vitamin C, Microdermabrasion to even out their skin tones.

Do you have dry skin? If yes, then aestheticians will exfoliate your back using different back scrubbing shower equipments, hydrate it, and treat it with different creams and lotions.

So, now that you know what all is done in a back facial and how it benefits you, why not try it yourself at OC Facial Care Center in Orange County.