Spa: An Ultimate Wellness Destination For you

Are you someone who restricts spas to facials and body massages?

Well, then you hold a very wrong notion regarding spa treatments. Offering a good assortment of different treatments, a spa can be your ultimate wellness destination.

Here are the top treatments you can get easily in your favorite spa:

Facial Treatments

From cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, face masks application, peeling, nurturing to massaging your delicate facial skin, spa offers all kinds of facial treatments you can ask for.

While your upper most layer of facial skin gets rid of dull, flaky, and dead cells, the massage enhances blood circulation, pulls out clogged dirty pores, and rehydrates your skin.

Facials also treat certain problems like pimples, dark circles, puffiness, acne, anti aging effects.

Body Treatments

Body pampering and relaxation is a common affair at spas. Whether you fancy exotic body polishes or intriguing aqua therapies, pleasant body wraps or impressive body scrubs, a spa is packed with all kinds of body treatments that are both effective and luxurious.

While aqua therapy moisturizes and calms your body, it also promotes blood circulation in your entire body. A body scrub clears away dead cells making your skin smooth & supple and vichy showers fully hydrate your skin.


Talk of massage and youโ€™ll be flushed with so many massage techniques available at different spa and rejuvenation centers. While a hot stone massage brings together the warmth & serenity of stones to detoxify and heal your body, a Swedish massage embraces long strokes of tissues and muscles to relax your inner and outer body.

Other massage options include chair massage, deep tissue massage, Balinese massage, ayurvedic massage and much more!

Nail Treatments

Nowadays you can see manicures and pedicures offered as important parts of spa treatments. While you can indulge in reshaping & polishing of nails, the spa experts also scrub your cuticles, smoothen them, and also provide different paraffin treatments together with warm lotions & gels or hot-stone hand & foot massages.

Hair Removal

Celebrated as the most renowned and classic hair-removal method, waxing is offered by almost every spa. Aestheticians apply hot wax on your skin, press a rectangular-shaped cotton strip firmly upon wax and them pull it off immediately to rip out excess hair from your skin.

Perhaps, you can get almost every body part waxed like hands, legs, chest, back, upper lip, bikini areas, and eyebrows. You can also opt for Brazilian axes where your genital area is cleared off all the growth instantly and effectively.

Medical Treatment

Though not every spa supports medical treatment, more and more spas are embracing these treatments. CACI face-lifts, Restylane, Botox, Microdermabrasion, Laser Hair removal, Juvederm are some of the top contenders.

While Microdermabrasion uses a microcrystal to remove dead cells from your skin surface, CACI face-lift employs electronic tools to firm your facial muscles to reduce the visible signs of aging like wrinkles, frown lines, crowโ€™s feet, loose skin, sagginess, puffiness under eyes and much more.

So, visit a spa today and walk out with a new you!