Give your Skin a 5 Detox Advantage with this 5 easy steps

Skin issues are a common feature for every woman out there. No matter what skin care regime is followed, skin damage is something that just cannot be avoided. The amount of pollution and stress that our skin undergoes makes it look dull and lifeless. It is not easy to avoid damage as the only way to do it is to remain indoors and that is, sadly, an impossibility.

The best way to ensure that your skin recovers from all the damage is to provide it with nourishment internally. Detoxifying your skin is the best solution.

Donโ€™t have the time for elaborate skin care rituals? Then these five, really simple detox steps are just the right thing for you. Follow these steps diligently at night time and see your skin transform into a flawless and glowing avatar.

1.   Mint and lemon water

Detoxifying essentially refers to flushing out all the impurities from your system, and replenishing it with essential nutrients, giving your skin the right nourishment that it needs. Hydration is a very important component of a detox routine as nothing flushes out impurities better than water. A cup of hot water infused with the juice of a lemon and some fresh mint leaves is the perfect detox combination. Sip it at bedtime for a soothing effect and sound sleep and let the lemon and water work their magic overnight.

2.   The no-makeup challenge

This has been said over and over again and we say it once again for your benefit. Never go to bed with makeup on. Remember, makeup is only meant for daytime use. Before you go to bed, follow a strict clean up routine to remove all traces of makeup for your skin. Deep cleanse your pores to let your skin breathe. You would be surprised at how far this small step goes towards improving your skin.

3.   Soak in a detoxifying bath

We understand that taking a bath is not always possible. However, on the nights that you are free, draw yourself a hot bath and soak in it. You will feel yourself relaxing and letting go of all the stress that you accumulate through the day. Apart from being a cleansing ritual, a bath enriched with your favorite oils will help you calm down. Your body functions best on repairing itself when you are at your calmest. So sit back and enjoy your night time bath.

4.   Your skin needs night time protection

Your skin works on the repair and regeneration process while you catch up on your forty winks. This is the reason why it is advised not to skimp on sleep. Give your skin an added dose of protection by moisturizing it before going to bed. You will wake up with supple, glowing skin.We recommend for you to use The IS Clinical Youth Intensive Cream.

5.   Digital detox

Lastly, give yourself a break from all your devices. Keep your phone away, preferably switched off or on the silent mode, and go to sleep. Try and relax your breathing and take up some meditation techniques to lull yourself to a sound sleep. This will ensure a sound sleep and you will wake up feeling good as new