The Health Phenomenon that is! Microgreens

Healthy eating is the key to leading a healthy life- this is something that is universally agreed upon. With time, there has been an evolution in the kind of food we eat and what is beneficial for our health. In the recent times, a new trend has emerged in the world of healthy food and that is the trend of microgreens.  These wonderful little green plants are fast emerging to be a hot favorite amongst the health conscious people out there. These are packed with nutrients and pack in great flavor as well. Microgreens have become quite popular, ever since their properties in terms of health benefits have gained the limelight!

Understanding microgreens

Microgreens, as the name suggests, are essentially small green plants, in the most layman terms. There are plants and vegetables that are harvested at a very early stage of their plant development, namely, the seedling stage. This is the point when they are still leafy and small. Plants spinach, radish greens, arugula, fennel, mustard cress, broccoli etc. are sown and harvested for the purpose of bringing microgreens to the table.

These are full of essential nutrients and are flavorful, owing to their early stage of development. Microgreens are popularly used in fresh salads and sandwiches to add to the flavor and make for a tasty yet nutritious meal. These also work really great when added to soups.

Microgreens as skin care ingredient

The use of microgreens has been expanding with time. Apart from being put to the culinary use, microgreens are fast emerging to be active ingredients in many skin care products. Owing to the fact that these pack in a bunch of essential nutrients that are beneficial for skin health, microgreens have become a proactive part of effective skin care regimens. These are fresh ingredients that work well on the skin and yield results that are remarkably good! It has been clinically proven that these little leafy wonders have nutrients in concentrations that are more than almost six times the concentration of nutrients found in their adult, full-grown versions. This makes microgreens an effective and suitable ingredient for skin care.

Health benefits of microgreens

As discussed previously, microgreens are known to be a great source of nutrients. They are even better than their fully developed versions. Therefore, the health benefits of microgreens are also manifold. Apart from the fact that these are essentially good for bodily health, these are used as an active skin care ingredient, helping to detoxify and nourish the skin. Apart from that, microgreens have been proven to contain cancer fighting properties as well as being good for the eyes.

Microgreens are really healthy and perfect if you want a nutritious diet. Use them to create salads that can double up as a full meal or use them in your soups and sandwiches as great flavor boosters. If you have the gardener streak in you, you can even grow your own choice of microgreens, based on your preferences and requirements.

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