Kypris Beauty Clearing Serum

This serum by Kypris is amazing. It smells like a hint of citrus and woodsy scents. 

This serum helps put blemished skin into balance with this serum that supports your skin to minimize the appearance of irritations, oiliness and blemishes. The ideal person for this product has oily or once prone skin. 

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It balances oil overproduction while challenging the appearance of blemishes old and new and calming fussy, pollution-irritated or hormonally wonky complexions. It also works to reduce the appearance of redness and in-growns after waxing, shaving or threading. It formulated with Chaparral, one of the oldest living plants native to the desert yields a potent extract wealthy in botanical wisdom and lignans that impart an antioxidant-like effect to irritated skin, and tea tree and lavender, a proprietary blend of balancing, calming essential oils, minimize the appearance of blemishes and oil over-production, and challenge the pesky occurrences of blemishes.

So how does it work? After cleansing and before moisturizing, apply Clearing Serum to affected areas, carefully avoiding eye area. 

The best thing about Kyrpis is all of there products are organic, and sustainably procured ingredients all not tested on animal and made in America. They are all also gluten, filler, paraben, and silicone free and vegan. 

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The entire Kypris line can be found online at or by visiting Facial Care Center in Mission Viejo!