Obagi's New Medical Sun Shield Tint Broad Sunscreen SPF 50

During the summer everyone can use a good tinted moisturizer. I mean, who doesn't love a 2-in-1, multi-tasking product that cuts down your beauty regime time? When people think of tinted moisturizers they typically think of shades like light, medium and dark. Well, those days are over with Obagi's new Medical Sun Shield Tint Broad Sunscreen SPF 50, sold here at OC Facial Care Center in Lake Forest and Mission Viejo.

This new sunscreen is making waves in the beauty industry because it works with your natural skin tone for the perfect color match. This new sunscreen will enhance your natural glow bybringing out your skins natural undertone for perfect, flawless skin. 

Obagi’s Medical Sun Shield Tint Broad Sunscreen SPF 50 works different than other sunscreens on the market. In addition to protecting your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays, it also has a shield protecting your face from infrared rays which are more harmful than UVA and UVB rays. Infrared rays lead to loss of elasticity, skin pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Obagi Sun Shield Tint is available in two shades- Warm and Cool. If you have bluish, red or pink undertones, the Cool shade is perfect for you. If you have yellowish, golden or olive undertones, go with the Warm shade. 

If you don’t know how to find your skin’s undertone, stop into OC Facial Care Center and one of our amazing estheticians will color match for you! Come by one of our two amazing locations and get ready to change your morning beauty routine. We offer Obagi's full line of products. To learn more check out our website at www.OCfacialcarecenter.com. Or you can visit our beautiful boutiques at 26421 Crown Valley Parkway, Suite 100 (by appointment only) or Mission Viejo, Ca. 92961 and 23702 El Toro Road, Suite 6B, Lake Forest, Ca. 92630.

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Spa Etiquette :Answers to Questions You may be Afraid To Ask

If you visit a spa only a few times a year - or even if you're a constant spa-goer - you apparently still have some questions unanswered about “spa etiquette” that you want answers for. Feeling bored on the customary codes of conduct at the spa, but too ashamed to clarify? Before you book your next massage, wax or facial appointment, read these spa etiquette questions (and answers) that you’ve been too scared to ask.

Should you shave before a spa treatment?

This is a general question and the answer depends on the sort of treatment you are receiving. For instance, it’s recommended that men shave the day before undergoing a skin care treatment. For women, to shave before certain spa services can cause irritation. It is wise to enquire with the spa receptionist on what kind of at-home preparation is required before you show up for your appointment.

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