Obagi Nu Derm System

The Obagi Nu Derm system is a collection of products designed to provide skin with the optimum level of cleansing, moisturizing, and protection. The system is comprised of numerous products, including a cleanser, toner, “clearer,” exfoliant, blender, moisturizer, and sun protectant. This wide array of products is considered Obagi’s starter system, and aims to introduce new users to the product line, and provide clearer, brighter skin.

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The system comes equipped with so many different serums, because it seeks to function as your full range of skincare products. The cleanser is used to cleanse skin of impurities to promote brightness and decrease the incidence of acne and irritation. Toner is used to tighten skin and even tone, and will go on clean skin, underneath moisturizer and makeup. The clear works to clear discoloration and dark marks, also evening tone.

Exfoderm removes dirt, grime, and dead skin cells, revealing tighter and smoother layers beneath the surface. Blender also works to even tone and brighten, while the moisturizer and sun protectant moisturize and protect your visage.

Why might this system be better than other skincare lines? First, due to its scope; rather than purchasing many different formulas and products from various lines, Obagi Nu Derm provides a complete range of skincare in a single system, offering both convenience and the comfort of knowing that all of your products are designed to work together harmoniously.

The system is also known for its strength and high-quality ingredients; Obagi is Obagi Medical, and comes highly recommended by dermatologists and skincare professionals, as it provides results without the guesswork and questionable ingredients found in many drugstore brands.

Most Nu Derm users have seen noticeable differences in their face (particularly lines and dark spots) after only two weeks of consistent use. Although many users are middle aged and older, some younger consumers also saw great results regarding acne improvement and lessened discoloration.

This was especially apparent in men and women with chronic or cystic acne; despite having suffered from this form of acne for many years, numerous users found their acne cleared up almost entirely, save a few small breakouts, making this a must-have for anyone suffering from long-term, painful acne.

Overall, the Nu Derm system is extremely effective in clearing up acne, reducing the appearance of aging, and evening skin tone. As a frequently dermatologist recommended product, men and women would do well to use it, as it contains safe, medically-known-and-trusted ingredients, known to work wonders on even the most problematic skin. The Nu Term System can be purchased through Www.ShopOCFacialCareCenter.com.