Tocca Perfume - A Slice Of Heaven

At OC Facial Care Center we carry a variety of luxury perfumes. Tocca being one of them. The first thing you will notice is the beautiful packaging. These beautiful glass bottles could be used for decorative purposes!

This company started in fashion in 1994 and released a wildly popular sari dress. They continue to produce fashion but it is their fragrances, more than their clothes, which speak to me. Their name sounds Italian, but the company is American and strives to combine an old world aesthetic to a more modern audience with the same finesse and grace. Gold leaf adorned boxes hold heavy high-quality Murano glass bottles capped with charming bird-and-leaves motif decorating their metal caps. The company motto: “Love Yourself” is inscribed inside every box lid.

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Here are some of our favorites which can all be purchased in store or by visiting

Stella is a breathtaking perfume. An opening of blood orange and creamy lily is sweet, but never too heavy. It segues into a floral heart of smooth freesia and white diamond orchids. It’s smooth and sexy, bawdy but never tacky. Despite the litany of ultra-femme florals it contains, this perfume veers towards unisex with a finish of dry sandalwood and sheer musk but manages to stay just this side of feminine, giving it a sexy and impetuous charm.  Blood oranges originated in 17th century Sicily and this scent hints at the intrigue and beauty of Renaissance Italy. Sillage: good. Longevity: above average.



Florence, whose name means “blooming”, is a superbly green floral scent. An astounding opening of bergamot, pear and grapefruit leaves gives a glowing and vibrant green aura to the beautiful “old fashioned” rose heart draped with jasmine, gardenia and violet garlands and sprinkled with a pinch of tuberose. Without smelling like a flower shop this perfume captures the sophistication and elegance of maturity while managing to keep it lively and enticing. As it dries down, a stunning iris note adds the silken beauty of the blooms to the sharp green of its leaves and draws it into a clean woody freshness. Sillage: great. Longevity: very good.


Cleopatra has inspired and been immortalized in many perfumes. A well-balanced opening of tart grapefruit and sharp cassis is smoothed by lush greens giving it an immediate intensity as powerful as it is regal. A sultry heart of jasmine and tuberose is made even richer and sweeter with peach nectar, yet it is never too indolic or saccharine. Rich and full patchouli blends its dark charm with dry golden amber  as they swirl into a vanilla musk that makes any other “Egyptian Musk” I have smelled seem cheap and tacky. This is truly a perfume fit for a Queen. Sillage: very good. Longevity: excellent.

Brigitte was inspired by the chic glamorous and care-free spirit of Brigitte Bardot. A unique opening of sweet papaya and tart rhubarb is dusted with ginger and saffron, resulting in a spicy and fruity delight. The contrast of these accords creates something at once warm and exceedingly fresh, just like Ms. Bardot herself. This interplay of opposites continues throughout as full and romantic Moroccan rose is offset by steely iris root and dry aromatic sandalwood is softened with clean white musk while a scent of warm pannetone bread adds a slightly gourmand feel. Sillage: great. Longevity: very good.

Giulietta is named for Giulietta Masina, the wife and life-long love of Italian director Federico Fellini and was inspired by their holidays on the island of Corsica. This begins with a delicious green apple aroma, sweet and crisp, surrounded by the soft ephemeral scent of pink tulips and sheer roses. As the heart opens, ylang ylang adds a sun-drenched floral fullness to more classic powdery notes, like lilac and heliotrope. Hints of soft vanilla kisses and beachy breezes follow until the warm sunset over the sea is discernible in the close of cedar, musk, amber and sandalwood. This is like a perfume portrait of a perfect day, spent with someone you love. Sillage: average. Longevity: good.