The Minimal Make Up Look

There are many reasons why you might want to try wearing less make up. Especially with fall and winter right around the corner. Give your skin a break! There are many advantages to limiting your make up regimen, including less money spent on cosmetics, healthier skin, more confidence, and less time spent on make up in the morning. Despite this, wearing little or no make up can be daunting, and sometimes it can be difficult to decide which parts of your beauty regimen to cut out, so read ahead for tips and advice on how to successfully pull off the no make-up look.

So how do you achieve this look?

 1. Take good care of your skin! Clear, healthy skin will give you more confidence, as well as removing the need for foundation or concealer.

    ◦    Determine your skin type.

    ◦    Develop a good skin care routine which is suitable for your type of skin. 

    ▪    Generally you should include: a gentle day to day cleanser, a twice weekly exfoliating facial scrub, an appropriate daily moisturizer, treatment for when spots pop up, and a face mask to use once a week/whenever needed.

    ◦    If you have any specific problems, such as acne or scars, then it's recommended that you approach a specialist such as a dermatologist or your doctor to help you to develop a treatment that is right for you.

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2. Take care of your lips. A soft, plump pout looks nice and kissable, but dry chapped lips can look scruffy and unhealthy. Moisturize your lips with some balm before bed, (stay away from very cheap brands as they can cause your lips to become even more dry in the long term), and exfoliate your lips every now and again to keep them smooth. Also, avoid smoking, and drink plenty of water to keep your pout looking good.

3. Who doesn’t love a good brow?
A good set of brows can frame and flatter your face. Plucking is the easiest and cheapest way to shape them, just be careful to stand back from the mirror every now and again to make sure that they're even and that you're not over-plucking. This is definitely one of the most important steps to natural beauty as it helps to give your face more definition. 

4. Make the most of your hair. Getting a hair cut is life changing! Try wearing your hair as it naturally dries, or style it to enhance it's natural shape. Experiment with it - making the effort with it will stop you feeling boring!

5. If you want to wear some make up, the following will help to enhance your natural beauty without covering it up.

    ◦    Try a tinted moisturizer if you want some cover up, but want to avoid foundation. It'll help to even out your skin tone and tone down any blemishes which you may be feeling self-conscious about, without looking as if you are wearing a cover up product, and without and caking or streaks.

    ◦    Mascara is a great way of making your eyes look bigger and more awake. Opt for a brown/clear mascara, (preferably a lengthening brand rather than a volumizing one to avoid clumping).

    ◦    Blush should be chosen by using a colour which is similar to the colour your cheeks go when you pinch them lightly .

    ◦    Lipstick or lip gloss shouldn't be necessary if your lips are well looked after, but if you would like a bit more colour or definition on your lips, then you could either go for a nude lip, or a slightly rosy coloured lip stain.