The Super Facial

If you had to chose between all the facials offered at OC Facial Care Center, the Super Facial is a must! It helps with hydration, wrinkles, shrinking pores, and more. The Super Facial is a one hour treatment that not only includes the facial itself but a head, neck, arm and shoulder massage. It’s essentially everything you could need and more wrapped up in an hour.

The Super Facial is the most popular treatment at OC Facial Care Center, no surprise here! Here is a breakdown of this awesome treatment only offered at OC Facial Care Center. I also want to mention that all of these products can be purchased at or in-store. 

After sipping your tea, you are brought back to your room to settle into one of those comfortable spa beds that you only wish you had at your home. After your settle into your robe and lay in in your bed, the first step is cleansing. Kate used the Caudalie Foaming Cleanser and Caudalie Buffing cream. This simple cleansing process removes make up, oils and any other impurities on my skin. Next, came the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. It’s a natural toning mist that provides an instant burst of radiance, and tightens the appearance of pores.

Next came the mask. Let me tell you, the smell was intoxicatingly delicious!! I had to stop and ask what product is was because it smelt amazing! It was the Eminence Grapefruit Mask that is made of grapefruit, mandarin and honey. This mask is a vitamin-rich pink grapefruit mask that revitalizes the skin’s appearance and brings life to your complexion not to mention all the hydrating benefits from the grapefruit!

Next came the Eminence Bamboo firming Serum that contains natural retinol alternatives and swiss green stem cells. After that, OC facial Care Center’s very own UltraLite Moisturizer which was created by Kate Hancock was applied. This light weight moisturizer is suitable for day use and coupled with Revision Tinted Moisturizer, I was ready to take on the day make up free!! 

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 1.33.08 PM.png

The amazing massages were done with Caudalie’s Hand cream and Divine Oil. These light weight products left my skin feeling refreshed and moisturized without feeling greasy. 

In between these treatments came the microdermabrasion which is non-chemical skin treatment that typically uses crystals or diamond microparticles for gentle abrasion and exfoliation to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells. This makes your skin instantly healthier looking, reduces impurities and unclogs those stubborn pore. After this portion of the Super Facial the oxygenation portion begins! Its a real treat!! This oxygen machine infuses oxygen directly into your pores. It was a series of hot and cold treatments into your skin that gave your skin its life back! My skin literally had a breathe of fresh air!

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 1.32.55 PM.png

A week later and my skin still feels like a million bucks! This is a must have when you visit OC Facial Care Center. You can book your Super Facial at or by calling (949) 228-7804.