Skin Care 101

We tend to get lazy with our skin. Washing our face with soap in the shower and if your lucky maybe a little moisturizer before bed. If you want to avoid breakdowns and skin break downs follow these easy steps to taking care of your skin.

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1. Cleanse.

Well, this is certainly a no brainier but washing your face every night is important. It will lessen the chance for dirt and all that build up by calming the skin with a cleaner that works for your type of skin. You might even want to use a make up remover towelette first as a pre-wash, followed by a cleaner so removes any excess dirt and make up.  

2. Tone.

I am guilty of it myself, I NEVER tone. But toning goes a long way in helping remove deal skin cells. Use a clarifying lotion for oily skin and a hydrating mist for dryer skin. This will help brighten your complexion! 

3. Exfoliate.

Nothing beats a good exfoliant. If you want instantly smooth skin, exfoliate. When you rid the skin of the surface dry skin cells, you create a smoother appearance. The skins natural exfoliation process slows as the skin ages, resulting in an accumulation of dead or dry skin cells. 

4. Face Mask.

Clarifying masks are good for oily skin while hydrating masks add moisture to dry skin. If you have two tips, combine and use both for a better result. 

5. Moisturize.

Finish off with a rich night cream to help lock in all the moisture and to protect that fresh soft skin. 

Tips - 1.

I always love to throw in a good eye cream. I feel like it lessens the looks of my crows feet. 2. Don't forget to add a sunscreen during the day!

Enjoy the sleep gorgeous!